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Hi All,

Firstly, please forgive my ignorance, I have zero knowledge of Nuendo & the associated tools, I am an IT tech trying to help out a kid having trouble.

They’ve approached me because they can’t get Nuendo 12 to work with Rewire, when opening they get the error message “Rewire link cannot be established please check your settings”. Apparently my google fu is off as much doesn’t appear online for Nuendo and Require, just mostly other applications.

If anyone can point me in the right direction of helping this person out I’d appreciate it.


Rewire is no longer supported in C/N12.

There are alternatives but you will need to supply info about exactly what the person is trying to do.


Some more discussion:

Cubase 12 - no longer supports ReWire - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Hi, Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

So the person is trying to get Waves / Waves tune plugin working in N12 is that possible?

Screenshot of the error.

yes and no :slight_smile:

It should still work but you won’t be able to control the transport from the plugin - and as you can see, Waves Tune will complain at you too. Just ignore the error message and continue as usual.

I do wish Waves would pour some love into Waves Tune - it desperately needs a GUI update ate the very least. In most instances I much prefer the results compared to Melodyne or any of the alternatives (revoice / cripsy tune for example) - in that sense there are no ‘alternatives’

FWIW I have V12 licences of cubase/nuendo but I’m sticking to V11 for the time being and this is one of the reasons. Removing features on release never a good look IMO. They sneaked it in, just mentioning it in the release notes AFTER release.

From what I can tell here after brief tests it still works fine. Tested with Tune V14.

Cursor still moves and pitch corrections happen as they should. As long as you use Cubase / Nuendo transport.

The only issue I can see is that the error appears as in your screenshot.


In my opinion, the best tuner is built into Nuendo 12. Double-click on a vocal, for instance, and the lower zone will open, In the left zone, Inspector, Editor, select VariAudio, Edit VariAudio. Pitches will be highlighted, ala Melodyne. There are many tuning options available then.

I no longer use Antares Auto-Tune or Melodyne.


What Ronny said. Nuendo tuning is superior to that old Waves plug-in. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean by ‘superior’ ?

faster ?
more transparent ?
better editing ?
better workflow ?
less CPU ?
superior with polyphonic sources ?
ability to add a controlled vibrato to notes ?

In my opinion ‘Nuendo tuning’ is far from superior in lots of those areas ?

I think I have all the major players (Melodyne Studio - Waves Tune- Crispy Tuner - Revoice etc…apart from autotune - don’t like it!) and personally I find, the admittedly prehistoric, Waves tune to give much more transparent results on vocals…every time - plus that ability to add a tiny amount of vibrato when needed. I also liked the workflow…but not so much since SB dropped rewire.

I know I’m not the only one who also thinks that.

YMMV of course.

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I’m only referring to the Waves plug-in.

yes, so am I - as I said I think it’s by far the most transparent.

Everybody wants something different from a tuning plugin, personally, for me, transparency is the most important. In that way Waves Tune is far superior.

Interesting. I’ve had the opposite experience mind you I haven’t try the Waves plug-in in a long time. I love the integration in Nuendo and the ease of tweaking something instantly while I’m mixing. Cheers.

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