Nuendo "sees" wrong UA interface

Since Covid-19, I’ve been working at home and at the studio.
I took home an Apollo 8p and at the studio I have an original silver face Apollo.

Nuendo 10 (latest build) on Catalina 10.15.4.

When connected with the silver face Apollo I open “audio connections” in Nuendo,I only see 6 Line outs (the 8p only has 6) NOT THE 8 LINE OUTS that the silver face has. ??? I’ve removed the 8p from the Apollo console app and reset it for 1 Apollo legacy unit but no matter. I still don’t see 8 Line outs anymore. It’s like Nuendo just can’t reset and see the machine that is attached.

I really need 4 stereo cues.

Anyone else experiencing this?


In nuendo under devices menu, where you see the inputs and outputs listed there is a reset button…