Nuendo selection preview ?

Nuendo has a red frame when I select some part of audio/midi … but Cubase has all background better preview. Does anyone know how can I set Nuendo to has the same preview as Cubase… ?

Not possible at this time.

The red border highlights the selection. Maybe an option to turn it off, in Nuendo, so those coming from Cubase aren’t put off.

A lot of my clips are red, that makes it very difficult to tell, I like how Cubase darkens the clip when selected.

But most Nuendo post users do not like the cubase way of displaying selection. I am one of them.
I am not against a change in how we can see what is selected. But if it means my display will start flickering while I move from event to event and that the selected event will lose its colour then I am strongly against it.

My events colours means something. And I do Not want it to change when I have selected it.

But yes red is a problematic colour with the current red border.