Nuendo Support??

Will this work with Nuendo? If so which versions?
I assume it does, as the last “Cubase ic” iOS app did, but I’m not going to spend the money until I know for sure.

(BTW, some mention of Nuendo in the press release/website would be nice Steinberg!)


I just tried it with Nuendo 5.5.4 64 bit, and it is working nicely.

Thanks for the info!!


officially Nuendo is not supported, but as some users found out, it can work.

Will Nuendo 6 be officially supported?

Hi there,

Yes, we plan to support Nuendo 6. :slight_smile:

Great. Thank you!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve tried it with Nuendo 5.5.5 on OSX Mountain Lion and it’s working great!

Works great, but multiple marker lanes are causing problems

Is there a particular way to install that on Nuendo?for some reason the SKI Remote doesnt appear in the devices list. Plus i bought the app before checkin! :unamused:

Nope, I just ran the new installer.

You did press the plus sign right? It doesn’t automatically appears in the list.


Thanx for the reply…i did but cant see the SKI remote…only houstonn and c121 from Steinberg…

On N5.5.4/OS 10.6.8 and having no luck. iC Pro does not see computer - SKI extension installed without problem. Thoughts?


The extension’s real name is “Steinberg SKI Remote”, should be the second entry normally when you add a new device by clicking on + in Device setup.

Have you previously installed Bonjour? Please check this first.
Are you using the Wifi network broadcasted by your router or a direct ad-hoc connection with your mac?


Bonjour appears to be working correctly - wifi network broadcasted by router.

Thanks for quick response - excited to hear that there will be N6 support.


Would that be possible to give it another try by using an ad-hoc connection instead from your mac?


Just tried creating a network as such, no luck. iOS 6.0.1 a problem?

Curious if there are any specific Bonjour/sharing settings on Mac that need to be enabled in order for iC Pro to see Nuendo? Screen, file, and remote login all enabled.