Nuendo to Cubase

I’ve been recording tracks at a friend’s project studio that has Nuendo. I’ve been considering purchasing Cubase for my studio. Question is, are the two compatible to the extent that you can take a music project started in Nuendo, and open it up in Cubase, as if it were created in Cubase, as long as no features were used that the two don’t share??? Or do you need to start all over??

As far as I’m aware, this can be done as long as you have the Pro version of Cubase. Never actually done it myself though.

Yes you can open Nuendo files in Cubase Pro 9.

Thanks guys!!

Right now the way they handle VCAs does not make them compatible if you’re using VCAs. My studio mate has Nuendo 7, and when we’ve tried to transfer sessions with VCAs, it’s not pretty. Everything else is generally fine, though.

Regarding the choice of Cubase vs Nuendo, I’ve used both. I started with Nuendo early on (2.x). They did a dot version (2.0 to 2.1 or something like that) and tripled the price at the same time, presumably to be taken seriously in the post market. At that point I decided to make some changes and gave Cubase a shot. I’ve been through Pro Tools, Cakewalk / Sonar, Logic (before Mac), etc. and have been happiest with Cubase.

As for Nuendo, while admittedly it’s been a long time, when I was on that platform the most frequent complaint was that Cubase typically got the audio enhancements and cool new features before their high end product did. And for straight up audio production (I don’t do a lot of post), there was nothing Nuendo did that Cubase doesn’t do as well or better.

I don’t know what features the current Nuendo has but it would have to be significant to justify the price difference in a non-post oriented studio. I think you’ll be very happy running Cubase.