Nuendo : transfer licence from iLok?

A while back I had the offer of a copy of Nuendo, which I accepted. But it came with an iLok USB key, rather than the usual elicencer key. I’ve since read that the original MAC version of Nuendo came with an iLok.

Since I’m Windows only, I’d like to get the licence transferred to an elicencer. Anybody done this? Any advice?

thanks … wes

There is no such thing as a Nuendo version with/on an iLok.
Nuendo, both Windows and Mac, only run on the native eLicenser.
There is no possibility whatsoever to transfer a license from an eLicenser to an iLok.

Sorry mate, but it looks like you have been f*9à%ed.


Fredo -
The ilok key claims it has a Nuendo licence. I have reason to believe that this was a demo version of Nuendo for customers orginally owned by a Steinberg distributor that went bust, and this was part of their stock. So maybe - just maybe - this is a rare exception. Its no real problem as I got it for next to nothing, and sale of the iLok alone would more than cover what I paid for it.

They are completely different technologies, there is no way to transfer licenses from one to the other and Steinberg has never had an iLok license server, hence have never issued iLok licenses, they have been using various forms of the elicenser technology since the 80’s.

Either there is a mistake, such as a eLicencer with a sticker ilok sticker on it or something, a misunderstanding of some sort or you actually have a really old craked version with a fake license sel file on the utility memory of the ilok stick.

The iLok remains a mystery - as a Cubase VST 5/Cubase 4 user, I know what parallel and USB dongles look like - but when I dug right to the bottom of the box, I found a parallel dongle, marked Steinberg. I’ll be contacting support to see if it can be transferred like the VST 5 parallel one. Thanks for your comments.

Could it maybe a trial version of a NeyRinck encoder?
I seem to remember something along these lines at one point…

How can you tell what is on an iLOK if you do not know the registered login, BTW?

I just downloaded the iLok driver and app, created an account, and it showed me what was on the iLok.

Please look here:

There IS such a thing as a Nuendo version with/on an iLok.
Sometimes you have to expect the unexpected :open_mouth:

I now have the licence on a normal elicenser :smiley:

There definitely was a Nuendo iLok license, I still have three. The first Nuendo Mac version was done on iLok and were that way for a couple of versions, the PC versions were still on parallel port. I don’t remember which Nuendo Mac version moved to the eLicenser.

You have a very old version.

The iLok in these pictures is for the TC Surround Reverb which is included in the sale.

Anyway, there is nothing you can do with this version, dates from early 2000.


Hugh says he has three Nuendo iloks, I have one - which tells me in ilok manager that its for Nuendo - and the ebay item also has one. Why are you not prepared to accept this ? After all, it’s taken 3 years for an example to appear on ebay because they are so rare.

And please don’t say that nothing can be done with software just because it’s old - I have Cubasis 5 (2003) running on Windows 7,8 and 10 64bit versions. It includes Easy Electric Guitar and Easy Acoustic Guitar (both working) which are early versions of the much lamented Virtual Guitarist. They run perfectly as VSTs in Cubase 7.5. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it won’t run on the latest OS!

I’ll see what this old Nuendo can do as soon as I get some spare time. Perhaps I’ll dig out Cubase Audio too … and couple them up to my Yamaha CX5M MSX computer (DX9 synth version)


I came across the ilok again today. Here are some pictures, just in case you ever find one (or don’t believe they ever existed :smiley: )
The ilok:

The Nuendo chip for the ilok: