Nuendo trial version in parallel to Cubase 12 trial version?

Taking advatange of the free trial of Cubase 12 at the moment I was considering to make a comparision with Nuendo which comes along now with a 30-day trail too. So how simple is it to run both in parallel? Guess I will try it anyways, just wondering about any other’s experience.

They are independent installs, so one has no effect on the other. I’m running the N12 trial. I used the profile manager to move my prefs, key commands, etc from my Cubase install to the Nuendo trial.

btw, the Nuendo trial is 60 days. It’s fun.

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Thanks, Steve, for sharing your experience and the detail about 60-days trail for Nuendo :slight_smile: That’s really great, guess it’s done because Nuendo has more features? :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure. I suppose it has to do with the target market, post audio houses, which have complex setups and might be running a Nuage Console, networked workstations, multiple sound stages, ADR with talent in the studio or remotely, etc., etc. There’re a lot more variables for those kinds of businesses than for recording studios and midi composers.

edit: also it costs more!

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Valid point…or it is just because Hans needed more time :wink: Just kidding…wait, wasn’t he more the Cubase guy? :thinking:

Well, he and his stable of assistants