Nuendo Trial

HI everyone,
I currently run Cubase pro 7.5. WIll I have to re-install if I run the Nuendo Trial and do not choose to purchase after the trial period ?
I know this is the case for CUbase Trials. I was going to install but at the begining of the install I noticed sevral functions and components from Cubase would be upgraded. I am afraid things wont work as before after removing the Nuendo TRial if this was the case…

ANyone have triad this ?

Hello hebaton,

when installing Nuendo 10.3 a bunch of other files, plug-ins, content sets, etc. will be installed on your system. If you decide not to purchase the permanent license but stay on Cubase Pro 7.5, you may need to uninstall all those extra files to avoid some license errors when using Cubase.

Depending on the OS you use, the uninstallation process may be a little cumbersome (macOS for example).

All the best,

Thanks a lot Luis, I will probably choose to upgrade CUbase to the current version rather than move to Nuendo. BUt I may not do it immediately.
Is there a document detailing the unistall process ? I am on a WIndows 10 pro system.