nuendo unresponsive momentarily when selecting events issue

one way to select multiple events with the ‘select’ tool in the arrange while making sure not to displace the events when selecting, is to hold the shift modifier, and lasso around whatever events need to be selected.

this has worked smoothly, but now, on nuendo 6, the rectangular ‘lasso box’ gets stuck for a second or so when attempting to do this (the VST performance shows a spike momentarily).

instrestingly, when selecting events with the ‘select’ tool whilst not holding the shift modifier, the operation is smooth (although the spike in the VST performance is still occuring).

(i can capture a video but i believe it should be rather clear.)

Why do you need SHIFT in the first place?

that’s beside the point, but here’s why: if you drag across an event (from within the event, not ‘around it’) with the select tool (the standard ‘arrow’), and that event isn’t locked, you will move the event. if you hold the shift modifier whilst doing that, no events will get displaced. it’s the quickest move to select events, possibly this and using the ‘range’ tool.

I thought that was the point, but ok. I always drag around the events, so I never use the SHIFT key. Just curious why you would need it. Got it. No problems here on Mac, by the way, using the SHIFT modifier.

all good, sorry-- i’d imagined it was what everyone did. :slight_smile: the funny behaviour for me is why the DAW / GUI would glitch when doing something this harmless. thanks for verifying on the mac. i guess i’ll post a video, maybe that will add some weight to the claim?

ugh, same in cubase (7.x). this is driving me nuts.

ok, here’s an interesting observation: this graphical delay occurs on my monitor’s standard resolution of 2560 x 1440. the gfx is much smoother under 1920 x 1200 however! (ATI)