Nuendo update 11.0.30, so far so good

So far no new problems.

I am also enjoying different options with SpectraLayers Pro 8.

Windows 10 21H1, Intel i9-10900K, 64 GB RAM.
RME 52 channels and UAD 1 card on StarTech PCIe to PCI adaptors,
Waves Horizon.


Hi Group

Just installed 11.0.30 on one of our Mac’s and I notice that when I open 11.0.30 projects on a Mac with 11.0.20 I cannot use the audio and video export functions anymore. It gives false/distorted/mute audio and the meters go wild after export. If I open the same projects on the 11.0.30 Mac everything is fine, same with 11.0.20 projects on the 11.0.20 Mac.

Anyone else got the same problem?

Best, Alan

If you have that problem it may mean more than one Out is active.
Since N11.0.20 is working fine, I would go to Studio- Audio Connections- and save all Ins, all Outs and Control Room into presets, and then recall those presets in the N11.0.30 version.

This may also happen when you Load very old projects, in which your sound card had different In/Out/Control Room settings.

Not good so far,
N11.0.30 is not usable in Windows 10pro if you want your projects to record Broadcast Wave Files unless you re-set it every time you open any project. Same with N11.0.20. N11.0.10 works fine.

“Not usable” for you because of a single setting in a menu to Broadcast Wave?

CRAAAASSH i don’t know why, everytime i reopened my last project only 8 tracks btw … crashes

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[quote=“JDSStudios, post:5, topic:728700, full:true”]
“Not usable” for you because of a single setting in a menu to Broadcast Wave?
[/quote] Thank you for this follow up regarding Project Setup bug.

Hello JDS, Yes, because of this single setting, I cannot use this update until Broadcast Wave File setting is corrected. Please don’t get me wrong. Nuendo is the greatest, by far the best of all. I do a lot of tracking and I mix via an analog summing bus in real time. Not via export. It is essential that tracks and mixes are recorded as Broadcast Wave Files. I cannot remember to reset the project settings from Wave File to Broadcast Wave File every time I start or restart a project. It is easier to stay at version N11.0.10. I’m sure SB will corrected the Project Setup bug soon, it’s important.

Installed yesterday and crashes with 2 different messages.
‘Skin file ‘skin’ not found’ and ‘could not load GUI Resources’.
Downloaded 11.0.02 and back to normal.

I understand what you said, I just reserve the term “Not Usable” for something else.

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I don’t understand what audio connections have to do with audio export? I do have more than 1 out (a 5.1 output and a stereo output).

Unfortunately 11.0.30 is also giving export problems now with 11.0.30 projects. If I export audio mix downs (5.1 master, 5.1 stems, stereo master, stereo stems) some exports are OK and some are not…

Just did some tests with buffer size and it looks like there is something going on there. If I increase the buffer size, the exports are OK. This is only with 11.0.30 projects on 11.0.30 Mac. I haven’t got time yet to test it on the 11.0.20 Mac.

Best, Alan

Completely unusable for me. I did a new install of it on a W10 PC (with lastest OS updates). I get a bluescreen during it’s launch. I’ve disabled all the plugins but it doesn’t matter. i will stay with the previous version for now.

Yes it can be related because if you have more than one out you will get distortion, and your CR meter will blow the roof, and as you said, you had “… distorted output…”.

But I am on PC and you just mentioned that you are on Mac, and it also looks like your audio card buffer size show a different problem, so it may be something else I am not familiar with.

I’m now thinking this partition of my computer that I installed Nuendo on has a problem. It crashes with portcls.sys as the problem (BSOD). I installed wavelab 10 and it crashes (no BSOD) with Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll,.
So, maybe this particular install of Windows is the issue. Not sure. Fortunately, I have a second boot drive that works fine for both programs. I will test the new Nuendo on that.

@Jim_Fox Just to let you know I’ve been through support and they’ve reproduced and logged this bug (CAN-36169 ) so hopefully this will be resolved in the next update…

Thank you EdGray for going the extra mile. I look forward to the next N11 update. Re: Broadcast Wave File bug (CAN-36169)

I haven’t used Nuendo in awhile and updated to 11 for a project. I now have no “bypass” button on any of my plug ins. Is this a new feature? Bug? The bypass buttons show up and work fine in other apps like Avid

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Yes I agree to useable. I delivered to a client not realising the default had altered my exports. Embarrassing.
This should be fixed ASAP. When you have a work flow honed over years, going in to fix “one setting” over time I open a project is not going to work.
This on Mac BTW.

Hello Goodbyenice, almost happened to me too. Very lucky I caught it before I delivered. FYI, I was able to re-install N11.0.10 over top of the update. I’m using windows 10pro, I didn’t realize it was a Mac thing also. N11.0.10 does not have the BWF bug.

Any idea why the SKIN FILE SKIN NOT FOUND is happening on my upgrade to 11.0.41?