Nuendo Update pricing

I updated from version 8 during the summer sale and thought I was getting a deal at $200. My update today to get V11 is $240. If I would’ve waited until today to update to v11 it’s only $361. How come I’m paying $80 more to update? Am I missing something?

I don’t understand.

In the summer you updated from v8 to v10 for $200. Now you want to update to v11. When I look at the website it says that from v10 to v11 it’s $160. That’s what I paid for it a couple of weeks ago.

If you’re seeing $240 then it seems you just selected the wrong ‘starting point’. v8 to v11 is $240, but you’re on v10, right?

I double checked. That pricing is correct. I am in Canada however, but still the fact that I have to pay 80$ more to update is bizarre pricing.