Nuendo upload is very slow on "Content"


When uploading the Nuendo, everything goes fast till “content” that takes tons of time to finish.
What is the reason and how do I solve it?

I still have N7 on my computer. is that the reason?

What do you mean by “upload”, you mean starting Nuendo?

And by “content”, what do you mean?

when nuendo runs all the “stuff” (video engine, vst mixer…bla blabla)

Ok, but what is the “content” then? It would be better if you could list more specifically the things that load quickly and those that don’t.

Generally speaking I would consider looking at what type of item is loading. If it’s part of the software then perhaps you have a problem with the system drive/CPU/memory. If it’s actual content from a project file then maybe it has to do with the drive that that’s stored on. Know what I mean?

There are also ways to start Nuendo without everything loaded. I don’t have the link handy because I rebuilt my computer and lost my bookmarks, but you can search the Steinberg website for ‘start without plugins’ or something like that. Or maybe ‘start with default preferences’. I forget. It’s a troubleshooting option when you start the software.

Hey Mattias, Thnx.

When Nuendo is starting up, one of the things that running is actually the word - “content”.
everything runs quick till the WORD content is appearing.


Well, I booted up Nuendo and a not so long project and when loading ‘content’ it didn’t take any longer than other stuff from what I could see.

If we assume for a second that content is the actual audio files etc; where are they located on your computer? Could you switch drives maybe and see if that helps? What type of troubleshooting have you done so far?

Isn’t content the Steinberg content (*.vstsound and stuff)? So the more you have installed from Steinberg like Halion, GrooveAgent, sound libraries, the longer it might take to query the database or the corresponding XML/JSON files.
If you decided to install that stuff on a non-SSD drive, I guess it would even take longer.

And if that content was removed or placed elsewhere, the application will search for it, because the links to that content were not changed.


I don’t know. I hope somebody does. If somebody does they should share.

Yes, that is indeed the Steinberg stuff which is installed at a certain place.
The installer links the content to Nuendo, so Nuendo knows where to find that content.
If the content is removed, or difficult to access, the application keeps on trying.
Dunno for how long until it gives up though …

Or a problem with access rights?


The stock content shouldn’t add much to the loading time, it’s actually one of the fastest things to load. Missing content would also show a warning if it wasn’t found, so it’s most likely not that.

If the content is installed on another HDD, Nuendo could be waiting for it to spin up. How long do you have to wait for it to load the content?

You’re right. The content paths are saved to the SQLite database (mediabay3.db in C:\Users+++username+++\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 8_64). If anything misses, you will be prompted immediately. The system doesn’t try to search by itself.

So, anything else that comes after the content loading will probably delay the start. Hard to say.

Ok, my bad.
I had this (not accesable content) happen long time ago. I assumed that the application still reacts in the same way.


How did you solve it Fredo?

Hoestly I don’t remember. It’s too long ago.
In my case, the application hung at “content” and didn’t proceed.
If I remember well, I removed all the links in c:\users\username, etc … and then reinstalled the whole thing.
But really, I am not 100% sure.

Whatever you do, be sure you know what you do, and that you can restore it.
Or call support …