Nuendo v10 licensing problem

Hello around. Recently bought a fresh, unused, unopened retail copy of Nuendo 10 which is still supported by Steinberg (at least is claimed to be supported).
But when i entered the download code on a Steinberg website, it immediately upgraded my license to version 12 with a message " Redemption of Nuendo 12 (grace period from Nuendo 10) successful!". That’s all nice, but i bought a different version of this product!
I’m working on an older computer, that can’t be upgraded to Mac OS X Big Sur or Monterey, so i found and purchased what i thought would be fully compatible with Mac OS X Mojave. But i can’t use the version 10 i paid for, because i was not provided an activation code for it.
The claimed support for Nuendo 10 in reality is non-existent, because our local distributor has no means to deal with minutia of Steinberg licensing, and i suspect nobody outside Steinberg licensing department has.
I’ve installed Steinberg Activation Manager on Windows 10 virtual machine, and the Nuendo 12 appears there, but i don’t see a method to activate Nuendo 10 on my fresh new USB eLicenser which came in the retail box.
So there’s my question: can i somehow get an activation code for Nuendo 10 from Steinberg? Non-upgradeable, not transferable - doesn’t matter!
Thank you, regards, Silvestrs.

Actually, you bought a license…
You should be able to use the license for N12 with older versions.
The only issue that you still have is to get a working license on the USB eLicenser.
But I’m afraid this can only be done with a support ticket from your MySteinberg account,
at the moment.
Steinberg is working on a solution for the future.

I know. But i even can’t open a support ticket, because for my country the Steinberg’s My support page directs me to a distributors list. My only hope is that somebody from appropriate department in Steinberg itself will see this post. Fingers crossed.

Which Region?
Your license is registered in My Steinberg?
Your USB elicenser is registered in My Steinberg?

Region = Latvia. Nuendo 12 shows up both on my Steinberg account and in Activation Manager on Win10 virtual machine. I can even activate it on Win10. And first thing i did before even entering the download code was to register the eLicenser. I thought i am doing everything right, didn’t expect this kind of a present from Steinberg.

Managed to contact the support team of our local Yamaha distributor. Will report there how it goes on.

Managed to get an answer from Steinberg’s licensing team, who gave me an activation code for Nuendo 11. Thank god, everything works as expected now.


Awesome. I was thinking, if you hadn’t found a solution, somebody still on an older version would probably love to trade you licenses.

Out of curiosity, what scenario gave you need for such an advanced DAW but not the need for a good computer? That’s not a commentary, I’m truly curious.

Yes, i was thinking about that possibility myself. Of course it would have to involve a lot of trust between random persons on the internet. Luckily didn’t need to.
Don’t think it will satisfy your curiosity but the ways of amateur filmmakers are unfathomable.

Ahhhhh. That sort of sheds some light. I generally assume anyone using Nuendo is either a pro/commercial studio or professional working from home.