Nuendo Visibility Agent Improvement


I find myself having to do more work than needed actually everytime I want to do this:

I’m opening a new project in my carefully built template with carefully filtered visibility’s per category (Pre-dub, Dialogue editing, FX editing, etcetera) but the project asks for more tracks the template has.

So I have to add tracks, here comes the annoyance, every time I add tracks in a category it will add those tracks to all the visibility’s so you have to update all the categories visibility’s to tighten the tracks visibility again in that category.

I think if you do this it will be much more convenient:

Every visibility preset has its own sets of tracks that are visible in that preset, if you add tracks to this preset the tracks will be visible in this preset but will be added to all the other possible presets but invisible because that’s not the current preset where the tracks should be visible.

Alright but the problem now is that if you go to the other preset set you cannot make the tracks from preset A visible in preset B.
Well you can tell that every new track added in preset A will be invisible in preset B until the user makes them visible in preset B.

This way you can add tracks to a given visibility preset without having to update every visibility preset/configuration again.
You prefer to have new tracks only visible in the current visibility preset/configuration you’re in.
If you want it to be visible in the others you have to manually make them visible.

As a matter of fact, maybe it is nice that you get a prompt dialogue box who asks where you want the new added tracks to be visible, so you can check on or off which preset you want it to be visible.
But this prompt box only pops up if you have at least 2 presets made, otherwise it works like it does right now, all the tracks are visible until the user makes them invisible.