Nuendo vs Ableton

i was speaking about Nuendo to an Ableton user,and the upshot from him was that Ableton & Nuendo,to him at least,was much of a muchness,kif,kif,that basically Ableton could accomplish in all terms,production, mastering,mix,surround,all that Nuendo might propose.

I have not used Nuendo since a version way back N3,so i am in no position to judge…I can see Nuendo cost quite a bit more than the most expensive Ableton but those are but financial facts…
Can anybody give me some pointers as to what the truth might be regarding this issue?..For instance it true that you could make a better master in Nuendo after having done your production in Ableton? Does Nuendo have a more evolved surround sound capability?..What are the advantages of such a choice one way or the other?.
,ie,for some specific task or plug in or facility?..or some hard facts differences that really impact or obtain to one program or the other?.features in one that really might be describe as better or worse than in the other.

I would be interested to learn of your opinions on this.,&,i know that money is not always a perfect indicator but surely there must be some good reason for the heavier price of Nuendo as compared to Ableton?.
Possibly a tall order ,my question ,as i imagine both programs come with many individual features…
Many Thanks…

Uhhhh, Nuendo is a post production software, Ableton is not. If all you want to do is record midi and audio then use Ableton. Nuendo is a product that people use to make money. Probably the only response you’ll get on this forum.

I don’t know ableton.
But does it have videotrack?
Is audio editing possible in different frame rates?
Does it have AAF import?
Etc. I would be very surprised if Ableton has even the most basic features post prod audio workflow needs.
Nuendo is a post production tool. Ableton is music production, right?

Well,they were what i said to my friend,only he seemed to imply that no,Ableton could do it all now,prod,post prod,mastering etc…music to vid,etc etc…! …Well,i was just curious,thanks for the answers…

I mix for many clients who mainly use Ableton. None of them would use it for post. Apples to oranges comparison. Ableton works well for many things, as does Nuendo. Just not the same things, mostly. Ask him about batch export with multiple marker sections.

But I admire your friend’s enthusiasm!

Ableton lacks most of these, I think:
Timecode grid (unless it has that now, not sure, I tried Live a couple years ago and decided it wasn’t for me…)
AAF import and export feature
EDL import and conform functions
robust, reliable video playback with ability to Burn in timecode
ADR functionality
and LOTS of other more minor stuff. Which isn’t a problem, because Live is a music production program, and pretty good at that as well (though I prefer Cubase), it has never pretended nor aspired to be an Audio Post system.
Having said that, I know a guy who’s a very successful sound designer, does stuff for BMW, Mazda, Cartier and whatnot, who ONLY works with Live.
He never does audio post, though.

Thanks very much for the response so far,! it has certainly given me something to think about,

, i left off on Nuendo when it was back in N3…! ,then because i had MOTU Soundcards when i returned after a long break i concentrated on using DP and making an integrated system via MOTU,but certainly would have upgraded my Nuendo had that still been possible,i shall have to get saving,as i really enjoyed the interface & features i had learnt in Nuendo.
i wonder if there is anything i could do with it now,ie my old N3, if i install it in a old G5?..or would there be no really useful connection between it and todays machines that run on 64 bit Intel etc…? ,so far i haven’t managed to sell it even at half the 2nd hand argus price ie around 150e vs 300e…!

I love Ableton, and Im a Nuendo heavy user.
Ableton is like a very well, a flexible, user-friendly, sequence for dummies software. Great for beats, electronic music, warping and sampling.
small and strong army unit.
Nuendo, on the other hand is much like NATO forces with divisions in the ground air sea and space.
Even on music matters - Nuendo has this GIANT tools for composing, arranging for orchestra, score editing, mix versions, VST connect.
it is not apples/oranges but more like apples and a full meal at the “four seasons” restaurant.

then again…I LOVE Ableton.