Nuendo vs. Wavelab

Guys hi,

I am prospective buyer of Nuendo and have a great difficulty discerning a real difference between Nuendo and Wavelab in terms of budgeting.

I would like to switch my production flow to the Steinberg production suite, if I may call it so, and would like to know the real difference between Nuendo and Wavelab. Namely, if I purchase the Nuendo will I need the Wavelab?

Now, forgive my ignorance, but the reason I am asking this is following:

While researching, I stumbled upon the website above and found out that most of the applications in Wavelab already exist in Nuendo.

Can somebody please comment on this?

Nuendo and Wavelab are simply not comparable. Nuendo and Cubase would be comparable. Although Wavelab can do multitrack it is designed as a stereo editor, cd burner and mastering editor and you would probably find it cumbersome, slow and limited as a music production tool. It would be like comparing a hammer to a screwdriver. They are both great tools but don’t do the same thing.


Hello nojukebox,

thanks for your interest in our products.

As Rickard mentioned, Nuendo and WaveLab basically are intended to be used in different environments.
While WaveLab is a music mastering, analysis and audio error correction application typically used for
audio (pre)mastering and refinement, Nuendo is a comprehensive post-production software used in
film/TV/ADR/game audio and professional music studio environments.

I recommend to check out the following short descriptions on both products:

Why Nuendo website:
Why WaveLab website:

Please PM me in case you have any further questions, I’m glad to help.