Nuendo windows glitching with white pixels appearing


I’m losing my mind over this. My Nuendo 10 has suddenly started to glitch out with its windows. See the captured image attached! The project window fills itself with pixers and lines that aren’t supposed to be there. It’s like the interface is drawing a some sort of buggy debug view for graphic programmers. Some of the glithces disappear if a color change happens with a mouse hover or selection but some doesn’t go anywhere.

I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere. No other application on my computer acts this way! I have tried to run Nuendo as Administrator, I’ve tried to run it in a compatibility mode, with High DPI etc. Nothing works! :frowning: Just checked if some auto-overclocking happens with my CPU and GPU - no such thing happening! Everything should be fine!

Unbelievable. Has anyone of you seen anything like this before???


I’m running an AMD Ryzen 5 based system with 3200 MHz RAM, a GeForce RTX 2070, a 27" inch main display with a 24" secondary display (same problem with either display or with any supported refresh rate).

I answered also in facebook. Propably video cards driver.

Confirmed I have the same issue with Cubase 10.0.50 - GTX 1050 ti on windows, everything up to date.