Nuendo zoomed in on video in video window?

Hello, for some reason sometimes Nuendo is zoomed into my video. It displays correctly in the frame previews on the video timeline, but is zoomed in on the actual video player.

Here is a screenshot showing what I’m talking about:

Anyone have this problem or know how to fix it? It happened in Nuendo 11, and is still happening in Nuendo 12

When I right click on the video and change the scaling settings, it just changes the size of the video window, but remains zoomed in.

This issue has existed for years, including Cubase and Nuendo. 4k videos unfortunately do not work and play properly. It starts stuttering when it goes full screen. It scales 4k videos by itself. 12 still has this problem.

Ahhh ok. So for now I guess I just need to transcode to 1080 or lower.