Nuendo11 Video Export is black

Hi there,

I’m trying to export a video for production review, but the resulting video only shows black. Audio is okay.

The video source file I’m using in the project is an Apple ProRes Profile: Proxy with 50 fps and 1920 x 803 pixels. The Nuendo export window correctly shows the 50 fps framerate, but it shows 1920 x 1080 px. No Error message while exporting.

I tried in another project having an Apple ProRes 25 fps with 1920 x 1080 pixels as video and it perfectly works fine.

Any thoughts on that, anyone ever facing a similar issue? Is it because of the 50 fps or the resolution?

Nuendo 11.0.41

50fps it’s a framerate supported by Nuendo.

Do a test with a 50fps 1920 × 1080px file and see what happens.


export from a 1920 x 1409 px 50 fps video on the same video track just works and it’s not black.

The problem seems to be the resolution :confused: But it is perfectly shown in the built-in video player with the correct ratio. And the 1920 x 803 px I’m trying to export is the common cinema aspect ratio 2.39:1.

Looks like I’ve to contact Steinberg Support.