Nuendo's AnyMix Pro VST3 in Cubase Pro 8?

I have Nuendo 6.5.3 and one Cubase Pro 8 licence on the same machine. The new features of Cubase 8 Pro are great and we have to wait again for them showing up in Nuendo. While working on 5.1 surround tracks I had the idea to copy the AnyMix VST3 plug in into the Cubase 8 package or the VST3 folder but it won’t work because it gives a licenser error. This I don’t understand as I have the Nuendo dongle connected. Why shouldn’t it be possible to use AnyMix with Cubase 8 Pro if someone has the licence? You could only use AnyMix with Cubase 8 if you also own Nuendo - seems fair to me.