Nuendo's monitoring setup

I prefer the way Cubase monitors instruments and such.
does anyone know how I can change Nuendo to be like Cubase?

Go to your Nuendo Preferences and copy the relevant settings that you have in Cubase.

You can open both applications at the same time so this becomes quite a quick process.

It’s difficult to know exactly what you mean as your description is vague but I suspect:

Prefs>VST>Auto Monitoring

it is hard to explain but to hear a vst instrument in Nuendo you have to have the track monitor icon engaged, not so in cubase and I can’t see anything in prefrences that pertains to it
thanks for the reply

Activate the marked options:

My response already answers your question.

That’s weird, my instrument tracks don’t have to have monitor engaged in order to hear VSTi’s

That depends on settings above. When record is enabled.