Nugen stereoizer crashes

I wanted to try/test the nugen audio stereoizer (demo mode) but in all DAW’s I try it, it works fine but both the vst and vst3 crashes in WL7 on win7 32bit.
To me that is not the plugin crashing but wl7 causing the crash.

I don’t have a problem here with 7.2.1. When does this crash happen?

It happens when i insert the plugin right away.
It opens with a blanc screen and a popup that a serious error has occured.
I can close the plugin and then it comes with the popup again but then it’s gone and wavelab itself works fine.
I’m running 7.1 BTW because that is more stable for me with external gear and recording what is played back but it also happens in 7.2.1, which i have running next to 7.1.

so… no solution?

Sorry, I have no solution. And since my Nugen demo has expired, I can’t test again.

Hi da goose,

can you try this?
Start the computer, open WL insert the plugin, you’ll have the blanck GUI etc. Close WL, restart computer, start WL and try Stereoizer again. Does it work now?
Sounds crazy but I’ve had problems with blank GUI with Nugen and Waves, and if I do that it works. It must be something not working properly with the video card or some driver somewhere.
It doesn’t make any sense that it works after re-starting the computer but it does here.
Lately I update all the drivers using driver manager and the problem seems gone but I am not sure about it. I need to do more testing.

As a matter of fact… that did work indeed! :astonished: Strangely enough yesterday I opened the plugin by accident and it worked. I can’t find out why but so far it works. The only thing now is that i’m not sure if i like the plugin itself, but that is another story. :wink: