Number input sometimes “beats” MIDI keyboard

Well, I guess this a good problem?

I’m getting fast enough on note input (with a MIDI keyboard) that the MIDI note is sometimes beat by the number input.

For example, if I want 4 eighths followed by a quarter, and I quickly press 5, input the 8th notes, then 6, and input the quarter note, Dorico will sometimes make the last eighth note into a quarter as well, ostensibly because it’s registering the keypress 6 before the final MIDI eighth.

Could this behavior be improved in the future so that MIDI data is added to the “backlog” of keystrokes to be processed in the correct order? Not sure if that’s possible.

I don’t notice a significant lag in MIDI in general, but this is throwing me off! Thanks.

This is the only post I could find relating to an issue I have. Sometimes, when inputting with numpad+MIDI keyboard, there will be a small hiccup in the program (I suspect the autosave) that results in the reverse of Dan’s problem: the pitch gets entered before the note value that’s supposed to apply to it, even though the keypresses were in the correct order. I don’t even need to be that quick in inputting for this to happen, the lag for the note value data can easily be a second or two.