number of ins and outs in nuendo

Is the maximum number of ins and outs physical ins and outs of the sound card I could get in the nuendo including external effects and Control Room outs

I think there is no software limit to the amount of ins and outs. As long as your computer can handle it.
Then again, I’ve never used more than the 36 I/O my RME card can supply.

If I am not mistaking, Steven @ Yellowcab in Paris is using two MADI cards, for having a total of 128 channels.
We have standard 64 channels on each machine, through a single MADI card.


we have a RME madi FX and we can use 192 in/out
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Cubase is 256 mono ins and outs And believe or not it’s not enough for what I need to do…I checked out vepro but it can’t access the slave computer hardware… and I can’t find any lan vst based solution… system link would work.but I will have to break up the tracks And run the 3rd Madi port between both PC’s I would run 2 Madi FX cards per PC… anything…if I could get a number of ins and outs for nuendo I could slap 4 Madi cards in 1 PC and use Vepro to run uad cards due to lack of pcie slots

Most of our 9 Nuendo systems are MadiFX cards with 194x196 I/O and we use them all. Works fine.

So all the inputs show up and your and you can use them as external effects and ins and outs I’d really like to know what the maximum Channel count is no one seems to know

It’s probably the same as Cubase I don’t think anyone knows the real answer but that would be fantastic if it was unlimited cuz my computer could definitely handle that

Probably. Cubase is 256 physical inputs and outputs as confirmed in your Cubase thread on this.