Number of tracks artist vs element

Hi to you all! I’m about to purchase Cubase but I need to know: When they say “Number of tracks”, is it the number of tracks you can simultaneously record, or the max can contain a project?

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It’s the max can contain a project. If you would open a project with higher tracks count (getting it from higher Cubase edition), the tracks above the limit will play back, but you can’t edit them.

This chart shows the differences between Artist & Elements.

It all depends on how much grunt your computer has?
I am using elements 11 as I couldn’t justify the extra expense to have artist as I am only a Hobby musician plus my HP laptop is about 7 yrs old, but super reliable but doesn’t have enough grunt for too many tracks as I have to keep increasing the buffer size,

Thx all for you info. Now, how much should I pay for it?
-Any sales period?
-Any gear I could buy(sound card or else…) that Cubase would come with free(element for example that I could simply upgrade afterward?
-Can I buy it from someone selling his lisence?
-Referal code?

Thx again! :v:

All Steinberg audio interfaces come with Cubase AI, effectively giving you a pretty decent discount on Cubase Artist if you upgrade:

The Production Starter Kit includes Cubase Artist, the full version of Halion Sonic and all of the hardware you need to start making music, all for just a couple more dollars than buying Cubase Artist by itself:

There are Cubase sales like once a year, but they’re usually only for upgrades or updates to newer versions.

Alright! Done! I got the ur-44c. :blush:

Thanks again for the cues! :blush::v:

P. S. : Can I eventually upgrade my Artist lisence to Pro?

Yes, after you upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Artist, you can still upgrade from Artist to Cubase Pro whenever you feel like.