Numbered musical notation support?

Hi Daniel,

Is it possible to support the numbered musical notation system in Dorico?
It’s a widely used system in Asian music. If it can be an alternative view/format that can be converted to view and print, it would be great. Or at lease if it can be display in standard staff as a line above/within it, it would be great. We sometimes needs to add a numbered notation line or even a full SATB score in numbered notation for educational purpose, for example for singers without much musical background to learn the melody faster.

A reference of the numbered musical notation system:

And I have example pictures as attached.


Anyone echo this idea?

Dorico doesn’t yet support jianpu/numbered music notation, but it is something we will consider for future versions.

This may become one of biggest reasons why Dorico could be even more popular in Mainland China.

Personally I hate Jianpu due to its numerous limitations. However, in Mainland China, studio performers of folk instruments rarely reads 5-line staves. Some of them even couldn’t read them well (incl. repeated rhythm signs and repeated measure signs, the meaning of slurs, etc.).

There is a 20-year-old Windows-only app called Composition Master (作曲大師) which provides the native support of Jianpu engraving. Since it is written by using Visual Basic 6.0, it couldn’t support unicode, multicore / multithread computing, HiDPI, etc., making its user experience terrible as a modern Windows app. Once Windows 10 throws the MSVBVM60.dll away in the future, this app won’t work. Regarding other aspects of this app, all functions provided by Dorico till now are comparatively better.

Looks like at this moment the only way is to use Dorico to export MusicXML and then do either of the following:

  1. Use certain python tools to reparse the MusicXML to Lilypond, and use Lilipond Jianpu extension to do the work;
  2. The latest Composition Master supports reading MusicXML.

Music engravers in Mainland China need a new persuadable reason to use Dorico, and I feel that this may be a good chance to Steinberg.


Bump, Dorico team please promise us adding the Jianpu support. It’s essential and so important.
Right now, many users still cannot migrate from Sibelius to Dorico just because of this.

Don’t need to bump posts, it’s against the forum rules. Daniel has already stated that they’re considering it. Rest assured they will.