Numbered musical notation


is it possible to notate the musik in Dorica using numbers. (see Wikipedia “Numbered musical notation”)
We often use this system for our choirs. Our Notation is a bit different from the article in Wikipedia, but the base is equal.
Notation in one line scores.
Notes are written using numbers 1…7.
Normal octave is written in line, lower octave below the line, higher octave above the line.
The dot is used like in notes, one (or more) comma is used for doubling the duration, one (or more) small line above the number is used to shorten the duration by 2.
Sharps and flats are valid only for one number.

In Sibelius I used a TAB with letters, using an own font replacing a=1, b=#1, c=2 etc.
The additional signs were added per script as simple text.

We would be very happy, if we’ll find a program, where numbered notation is supported natively.


PS: A sample added

I’m afraid Dorico does not currently support this kind of numbered musical notation. Sorry!