Numbered Notation, a.k.a. "Jianpu".

It is pretty a shame to know that most Chinese folk instrument players in Mainland China cannot read five-line staves (as they only can read Jianpu), while most of those who live outside of Mainland China can read them and do read them in most times.

However, I have a little feeling that this may be a big bang chance to boost up the sale of Dorico in Mainland China market.

I am not pushing anything, just have curiosity about Jianpu on the roadmap of Dorico development.
Will it be available in approximately Dorico Pro 4? or 5? or not decided yet? or too confidential to talk about?

P.S.: Jianpu was initially from France, then spread to Japan, then Mainland China. Some Mainland Chinese musicians (AFAIK, mostly teachers and professors among conservatories there) think that Jianpu “is a Chinese thing and shall be preferred comparing to Western 5-line staves,” and I don’t give this political correctness my four asterisks.

P.P.S.: According to my observation, Sibelius is famous in this market due to: 1) having cracked versions; 2) easier to learn than Finale; 3) having Jianpu add-ons purchasable from 3rd-party vendors (while Finale doesn’t have one). I don’t think software piracy is good, but I do believe that Dorico will provide better Jianpu engraving experience than any competitive product in this market.

I can’t predict when we will add support for jianpu to Dorico.

But please let us know that you will have this feature planned. Or at least open up a plug-in interface for some developers.
I’ve waiting the Jianpu support from the v1 till now. So far feeling very disappointed every time a new version came without it.
With this feature, it will really open-up the willingness for many Asian users to go with Dorico.

I can confirm that adding support for numbered notation is on our roadmap, but I can’t commit to a specific timeframe for when it will be added.

thank god, please make sure you also considering Indonesian Numeric Notation, which is a bit different with jianpu …

4 count notes is = 3 . . .
3 count notes is = 2 . .
and so on, also our beaming is on top not below like Jianpu …