numbering of instruments in groups

I’ve created a score with 6 trumpets and 6 trombones and Dorico numbers them by default:
before group.PNG
After arranging the players in three groups for a triple choir piece, the numbering changes and every group is counted seperately.
Is there a setting somewhere, where I can change this behaviour. I would like to keep the original numbering.

Of course I can rename every layout manually, but that is tiring …


No, I’m afraid not: the numbering is always independent for the players in each group.

Then it would be good, to have an option to include the group name into the part name. Any plans for this?

We do certainly intend to use the group names more in terms of staff labelling, yes.

I just came into this same problem with a piece for multiple brass choirs. It would also be nice (someday) to have the option to continue the numbering through the groups. I’m assuming (someday) we’ll have options to add vertical staff labels to selected groups and more complex things…
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 6.39.59 PM.png

Looking at the example of Jeffrey: is there any possiblity to rotate text in Dorcio at the moment? Would be very helpful for me!

No, at the moment you cannot rotate text in Dorico.