Numbering of Printed Parts

What determines the number ordering of printed parts? I’ve got them organised in orchestral order in both the Setup and Layouts panels, but on Export, Dorico seems to be numbering them from another order specification. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help.

I think the default numbering respects the chonology of creation of the instruments… But there’s an ordering possibility (at the bottom of the Layout list) and an option to renumber the Layouts considering the new order.

Thanks for the pointer Marc. With this I found the answer, see 6. ‘Layout Number’ here (and graphic above):

Of course order in which instruments are set up, is not necessarily an appropriate source of ordering information for printed parts.

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For clarity everyone, if on printing, parts are not being numbered in orchestral order:

  1. Go to Setup mode.
  2. In the Layouts panel on the right, click on the arrows top left of each full score/part layout, to 'open ’ the number order-setting for that part:

  1. Type the numbering order that you want, e.g. orchestral order.
  2. You can click the ‘Sort Layouts’ (up and down arrow) button at the bottom of the Layouts Panel, to re-order the full score and parts by the numbers you have typed.

It’s from this panel that Dorico derives its numbering order for part PDF file names (e.g. 01-Full Score, 02 - Flute 1, 03-Flute 2 etc.).

I was thinking more of Sort Layouts button, new in Dorico 4, and really faster than what you describe.

Thanks Marc.

Many older Macs not compatible with Dorico 4. Sort Layouts function is nifty.

Sort Layouts is new, automatically renumbering layouts to match their current order in the panel is not.

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Thanks for the clarification Lillie.