Numbers at the beginning of a stave

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To use a different player for each flow, in a work where you want piece numbers shown to the left of a grand staff’s brace:

  1. On the left in Setup mode, add as many section players as you have pieces in the project (e.g. 10 pieces = 10 players), and give each player a grand staff instrument (e.g. piano)

  2. At the bottom in Setup mode, add as many flows as you have pieces (e.g. 10 pieces = 10 flows)

  3. Still at the bottom in Setup mode, select flows 2 to n (the second flow onwards) – e.g. click flow 2, then Shift-click the last flow

  4. Untick the first player in the left panel (to remove the first player from all the flows they won’t be used in)

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each player/flow combination (e.g. for player 2, remove them from flow 1 and flows 3 to n)

  6. Edit the name of each piano instrument so it’s just “1” for the first player, “2” for the second, “3” for the third etc

  7. Optionally, for the full score layout, allow flows on the same page as other flows if there’s still room available

  8. Switch to Write mode, and write or type in the music