Numeric Keypad

I’m running into a strange problem with Dorico 3. In the last few days, I’ve tried two
different numeric keypads with Dorico, and in both cases, while the numeric
keys do indeed operate in the expected way, the non-numeric keys don’t
work. They work if I use any other application on the computer (i.e. this +
sign was just typed using the keypad, as was this - and this / etc. etc.),
but those keys do not perform their expected functions in Dorico. In write
mode, the period key does not engage the dotted note key, the plus sign
does not sharp notes, etc. Do you have any idea why this might be and how I
can change it? When I ran into this problem with the first keypad, I
thought it was an issue with the keypad itself, so I got another one from a
different manufacturer, one specifically designed for Macs, and I am still
having this issue. Solving this would be a great help.

Welcome to the forum. In Dorico, these keys can have separate functions to the buttons they mirror on the regular keyboard. Feel free to go into Preferences > Keyboard Commands and map them to the same shortcuts you have elsewhere, or make better use of your keyboard real estate by mapping them to other functions. This is definitely a feature, not a problem!