Numerical editing of events in Cubase Elements 6

In CE6 it is possible to insert the numerical values of MIDI events ( volume,velocity, etc) apparently only in a graphic way. But how to do for obtainig the numerical value of events in a imported MIDI files? In previous versions of Cubase it was possible to have an alpha-numeric list of events ( Events Editor page ) , expressed in numerical values. It was very easy to correct values numerically ( Volume, Velocity,Program change, Effect, etc) or to introduce the numerical value of events. Is it possible in Cubase artist 6 or Cubase 6 ?
Thank you

List Editor :confused:

Info Line :confused:

Thank you for your answer Mashedmitten
but I don’t understand what your answer means.
Can you help me with a more detailed answer?

Thing to do would be to look up those terms in the Operations Manual. :wink:

Have you read the manual?

Select MIDI part on Project Window and select “MIDI | Open List Editor” from the menu.

Open MIDI part in Key Editor (double clik the part). Click “Show Info” button (eye looking rectangle on top), if it’s not already clicked. Select MIDI event (note) and enter numeric values on the Info Lane on the top of the editor.

Should be signs all over Jellystone: Don’t Spoonfeed The NEWBS! :mrgreen:

You’re right, but what can you do, if the baby hasn’t yet learned how to hold the spoon? Let her starve?

Should have learned to hold the spoon long before learning to type. :wink:

Dear Mashedmitten and Jarno
I’m happy to have made you laugh
But if you were a little less cheerful and a bit more cautious you should know that the List Editor is only present in Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 ( not in my Cubase Eelements 6)
I know this because while you were laughing on the newbies I downloaded the manual for Cubase 6 ( as recommended by Mashedmitten) and found the difference with my CE 6.
Listen to me. The true geniuses know when the time is right to laugh and how to avoid wrong answers.

I’m sorry to dissapoint you, but you didn’t make me laugh. What made me laugh, was Mash’s comment … and only because I like it when we don’t take things too seriously. i wasn’t laughing at you.

My apologies. Unfortunately I’m not always able to remember the differences between Cubase versions. But even in the future I’m not going to read manual of the specific version of Cubase back-to-back every time I volunteer to help other people. If someone paid me for this it would be different situation. One option for me of course is from this moment only to try to help people with Cubase4 (full version), because that’s the one I use on daily basis.

By the way. Did you find the Info Line? It should be answer to your problem. Page 264 on Elements/AI/LE manual.

Find that hard to believe since it’s available in LE1 and LE4. :wink:

To Mashedmitten
Here you can find the manuals

Have had them for a long time, p. 84 of the Elements Op Manual talks of it. :wink: