Numerical entry of values

Please add the option of entering numerical values, as Voxengo does with its plugins, for example.
This would of course also be possible using the iOS keyboard.

It is very difficult to set certain values exactly, such as fine-tuning in the Transpose window. I need the cent-precise fine-tuning for the interaction of pre-produced audio files, which I play back via Cubasis 3, with a church organ (the tuning of which changes depending on the room temperature).

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Unless I’ve misunderstood your post, you can already do this using the info bar at the top of the arrange window (assuming you have it visible), after highlighting an audio event…

Using different key combinations with click (like Shift+CTRL), you can adjust values for multiple events simultaneously either relatively or absolutely…

Thanks for the answer. I aknow how this works in Cubase :nerd_face:
My feature request related to Cubasis 3 for iPAD. The solution from Voxengo was only intended as an example of how it could be implemented for IOS.

Yes, that works also with Cubasis 3. But the exact adjustment is still difficult, as the value range from -100 to +100 cents only extends over a few centimeters.

Therefore it would be easier if there was the possibility of entering numbers instead of adjusting a bar