Numerous tracks in left side of the mixer won't show. Bug or feature?


Usually, I put all my individual tracks on the left of the mixer, then the groups, FX and Submixes on the center part, then the final stem groups and output to the right.

But I’ve just found out that if I have a high number of tracks in the left part of the mixer and they outgrow the nominal width of my screen, the last tracks won’t show, even when I scroll on the right with the scrollbar.

Thinking it was maybe a bug in Cubase 12, I started a Cubase 13 trial… Alas, the bug is still there…

So, this is a genuine question: is it a bug, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

I would say “feature”. Steinberg normally doesn’t label odd or illogical behavior as bugs unless they result in a crash.
This oversight has been in place since the introduction of zones in the mix consoles.

My “workaround” is to utilize all 4 mix consoles, all with different channel configurations.

Thanks for your answer! this “feature” cost me several hours of precious work yesterday… I am more and more mad at Steinberg each year…
Although I find Cubase 13 appealing to the eye (I know this is a controversial matter), I will stick to 12 for the time being… Hoping they will fix this in an upcoming release…

Thanks again!