Nvidia GPUs vs AMD and Cubase Performance


As along time Nvidia user, I was shattered when I was forced to go to AMD gpu’s in the name of stability while running Cubase. After a year or so now, and several patches, I am wondering if Cubase still does not play well with Nvidia drivers. Has anyone found decreased performance using Nvidia gear, even the beefy cards? I am currently using an AMD R240, but with the end of holiday sales ramping up, I am tempted to grab a 1080.

Works fine here with gtx 1070 gaming x OC 8GB

Can you tell us the stability issues you had that made you jump

I was having some dpc latency irregularities that were stemming from my video driver. I purchased an inexpensive AMD R series card, and my readings were fine afterwards. Aside from the latency problems, I was getting some pops and clicks depending on what tool I had selected during playback or when I moved my mouse. The results I had, in addition to finding a forum post regarding NVIDIA cards and similar problems with Cubase, led me to purchase the AMD card.

I did the whole gambit of checking my buffer size and ASIO settings. After switching out the gpu, I have been able to run my audio interface at the fastest settings.