nVidia GT 730 for Cubase 11 pro and 2 monitors?

Hello friends,
I need to buy a graphics card and with the current prices I can’t afford a mid-range card (like the 1660 from nvidia or something similar).
I got a nvidia GT 730 2gb DDR 5 for a very good price (even entry level graphics cards are very overpriced).
The question is: will it work well with cubase 11 pro (Electronic music with lots of plugins). I work with 2 monitors, a 24’’ at 1080p and a 19’’ (at 900p, 1600x900).
In principle it should, but some time ago I put the 1030 (I’m looking for silent graphics or with 0 rpm mode) and I got the impression that it was a bit jerky when dragging plugins windows, but it could be that it wasn’t well configured…
I would really appreciate your help because it is a serious problem to be without graphics, I had to put one temporarily that makes a lot of noise :weary:.
Thanks in advance for your help

I have an older i7-3770k machine that has a GTX 750 installed, it looks like it’s around the same price as the GT 730 you mentioned, but has better specs. It works very well, and exceeds your needs. Not noisy.

Thank. Yes, I think that GTX 750 has to work very well. The thing is that It isn’t be available now…

Oh, I see. Well Cubase is not at all demanding when it comes to graphics cards, so I would presume the GT 730 will work fine.

GT 710 here. Working ok


Thanks steve

Thanks for the info Soft_machine. I’ll go for the 730 then.

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i have used the 740 since it came out, no probs
i run three monitors off of it and a fourth from my motherbord
appart from bigger electric bills i have no complaints.
there is one thing though there seems to be a setting ib the 3d engine you need to look at
i cant remember what it was but id you have problems you might have to “ADD” the cubase app into it maually .
but only if you get probs.
have fun

Hi Tony_H, thanks for the info. Definitely I’ll go for the 730. I think it’ll be enough for my setup.