nVidia HDMI audio causing problems?

Days after upgrading to Cubase 9 and still having problems of ASIO spikes, audio recording dropouts I disabled the nVidia HDMI audio devices. After that everything runs just beautifully. :smiley:

With Cubase 8.5 I’ve had a pretty much unusable DAW ever since the Windows 10 “Redstone” aka Anniversary Edition update last authum. Tried everything I could find, you know the usual suspects when it comes to tweaking a DAW computer for performance.

How the nVidia HDMI audio stuff could interfere with my Rme audio card ASIO drivers is a mystery to me. Am I fooling myself or is there any known problems with HDMI audio and ASIO drivers?


It is recommended to turn it off, I have done so for years.
Actually I have it turned on right now as I forgot about it after replacing my gfx card, thanks :slight_smile:
I don’t know if it is still a problem but it has been in the past, and as I don’t need that functionality I just turn it off/disable the hdmi audio part.

Really good catch.

It’s now 2019, I’m on Cubase 10, and I realized nvida HDMI audio was interfering with ASIO.

I just disabled them, and now Cubase runs ALOT smoother.