Nvidia Quadro/X99 USB interface issues with UR22

I recently built a new work station for audio and video editing and I really need some help, or at least need to put something out there so other people who might be having the issue know they are not alone.

Basically, sound across my the Stienberg UR22 usb audio interface drops in and out just when using it in windows. The device is still on, the sound just stops and starts. When the graphics driver is disabled- the sound is fine. There are no hardware faults, the interface and cable work fine on other computers, the motherboard has been swapped out twice, I’ve even used a PCI-E usb controller to bypass any potential usb controller issues in the MB. I’ve switched the graphics card, ram, cpu, psu, etc… hoping something would fix it. So I think this may come down to an incompatibility of drivers with the quadro card on the x99 platform. I tried the graphics card/usb audio interface on another computer, (same operating system). The set up is as follows:

Asus X99-a
intel i7 5820
Kingston ddr 4 - 4x4 2400MHz
Nvidia Quadro k4200
Samsung 850Evo
Windows 8.1 64bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point!

Hi… Have you:

  1. Disabled C state in BIOS?
  2. Disabled speed step in BIOS?
  3. Tried a GEForce GTX 760?

The Samsung 850 SSD also comes with RAPID software caching enhancements. I have not tried this on my DAW but it may have an impact - practically anything that runs in the background can cause grief for the DAW so always best to eliminate “everything” and then slowly put things back.

If your thinking its the NVIDIA drivers, try going backwards a few versions and testing. Wouldn’t be the first time the latest version caused grief until a later version came out. :slight_smile:

Not sure if the OP solved his problem but thought I’d share my recent experience upgrade to a GTX970 NVIDIA card with UR44.
I straight swapped it for the GTX670 and updated the driver. Cubase immediately started having peak realtime performance bursts requiring a substantial increase in buffer size and thus latency. Still workable for me but annoying. I figured it was the driver and I’d wait for an update.

On a whim I decided to give the Win 7 OS a complete bare metal install and setup everything again. Might as well clean out the cruft whilst its getting a new graphics card.

Surprise - problem solved. Same (latest) drivers, same card, same Cubase - just no bursts.

Interestingly Latency Monitor is showing exactly the same reading as before for ISR and DCP response times. Just now there are none of those bursts causing a problem.