NYLGT a few months on.

Here’s the gallery of my favorite LGT updated.


Doug … respect to you.

Larry … I believe you, too, have undergone physical transformation? if you wish to share a pic of that, I will be honoured to include it … along with a pic of the participants in your christmas song, if you wish.

John … you probably look as good as you did then … I know you’ve been doing a lot of physical events.

Lenny … your computer has had an internal makeover, so I expect it looks the same, but PHEW … glad it’s back up and running.

Tom … I’m sure I saw a pic of you somewhere else recently.

And I believe that when people are loyal and faithful to The Muse, it shows on the outside.

All the best

The only physical transformation I have undergone was to gain weight from all of the holiday food and crap I’ve eaten. :astonished:

For example, I just returned from a business trip in Tampa, FL (where it was just as cold as it is in NJ believe it or not). We took our client to the best Italian place I’ve ever eaten. We ordered off the menu and had a full appetizer spread (fresh mozz, caripacio, etc.); a pasta course; an entre; dessert; and coffee. All of this plus a few hundred dollars’ worth of wine. My GI track thought it died and went to heaven.

But my waistline knows otherwise. LOL

Glyn, feel free to cull any pictures off of my FB account. There are plenty of Sara and myself that aren’t that old.