O.T. Pdf slower Than Doc?


When printing, has anyone else noticed, that the printer seems to take longer to process a Pdf than it takes with a Doc?l

That is certainly true at our school. When I send a job to the printer, a doc prints right away; a pdf seems to make the printer think about it for while before cranking out the pages.

Depends on many variables. Is it a PostScript or native PDF printer? Does it rely on drivers to convert data to PCL or other format? How much memory does the printer have?
Does the PDF file contain bitmapped images, or just vector data? If the PDF data is compressed, then it will need to be uncompressed.

For that matter, are there graphics in the .doc?

Thank you for the replies!

Indeed, there are many possible variables.

This scenario I’m citing is a basic “pre-Dorico” document, with music imported into Word, and saved as a .pdf. The printer produced the .doc version in less time than the .pdf.

Strangely enough, PDFs printed from Dorico don’t take long. :open_mouth:

I take the point about memory. I’ll have to remember to ask, next time I go printer shopping.

I continue learning! Thanx, again! :slight_smile:

There’s your problem right there. Word produces crappy PDFs.