O1W OK but Karma and Kronos KO !

Hello Everyone,

Just bought recently Cubase pro 10.5 !

Then started to setup the new studio S/W configuration and had to deal w/ 3 external Korg synth (my legacy stuff I love :wink:: O1W, Karma V2.0 and Kronos.

Surprisingly the 01W was part of the available known devices but the most recent Korgs synth like Karma and Kronos weren’t.

I’ve been searching here and elsewhere to figure out a way to get good default .xml files to be imported as new MIDI Ext. instrument or just a new MIDI device. The aim is to get all default patchnames available and avoid dealing w/ numbers…

Apparently even Korg is not able to provide these and the .xml format doesn’t look easy to edit w/ all these banks and patchnames.

So if anyone has good and working pointers I will be very pleased.

On Cubase VST 5.xxx I was able to use my patchname .txt files w/o a glitch. So I’m a bit sad at the moment knowing also that my older Cubase projects won’t be easy to import as well in 10.5 (I might not do that and just keep one older version of Cubase instead).

Many thanks in anticipation for your responses.


You may have to just edit one of the existing .txt files. Im not finding anything anywhere patch script wise for the Karma nor the Kronos. I wish we had a patch script app that works for all of the hardware units

Hello Shanabit,

Many thanks for answering here. Well editing is probably not an option at that stage because I need to automate .txt towards .xml and I’m not ready (prefer to concentrate on music…) and I figure out that using correct bank/program number will be the fastest way moving forward.
I do have the patch scripts for 01W, Karma V2 and Kronos 1.6 if you wish them?


PS: Sorry for the delay, I thought I will have received an email when moderator had approved my submission here. But this didn’t happen, I must have something wrong w/ my settings…

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One workaround you can use it put the Patch name in the track note section. Thats what I do.