OBS : game/window capture vs display capture

Anyone using game capture or window capture with OBS and Cubase on Windows 10? I seem to only get video if I select the full display capture. Otherwise, it’s just a black screen.

I understand some programs just don’t work with OBS and game/window capture. I’ve tried a few suggestions I’ve found like running OBS as admin and setting OBS as high performance in Windows graphics settings. No luck.


You have to use general Screen / Window Capture for Cubase / Nuendo etc.

They are not considered “games” or full screen applications by OBS.

Thanks. That’s been my fallback. I’ll stick with it.

You can still do a lot using this method.

I have set up to avoid capturing the task bar, yet still show full screen, and then various zooms / camera positions and so on.

All controlled by Touch Portal:

If I can help in any way, please do let me know.

That’s very generous. Thank you!

Currently I capture the whole display and then cut the Windows task bar in editing. But I like the idea of cropping it during capture.