Obtaining Quantize "Depth"

I can’t find it in the manual so checking here before giving up -
Is there a type of quantize
which let you control the quantization depth?

if for instance depth=80% then
All notes will be affected and moved,
However not to the exact snap point,
but in proximity of 80% in relate with the original distance from the snap.
Hence the result is that more accurate original notes will be closer to the snap
than notes which were far.

On 10% for instance, the notes movement will be minimal, but still moved a little closer (10%) to the proper snap point.

Is there a way to achieve this type of Quontize in Cubase 8.5?


Yes its called Iterative Quantize, see in the quantize panel

Yes its called “iterative mode”
Iterative Mode.png

Cool, Great, Thanks!!