Occasional hang calling IComponentHandler::restartComponent


From our plug-in we call IComponentHandler::restartComponent when a preset is selected (using an in-built preset system). This happens after all parameters have been set.
Sometimes, this call never returns, Cubase enters an unresponsive state, and needs to be force-quit.

I’ve no idea what might be causing this but if it’s helpful I can send a plug-in to demonstrate this (PM for details).

Kind regards,

OS: Mac OS 10.15.4
Hardware: Mac Mini
Software: Cubase 11.0.20 Build 357

Do you call IComponentHandler::restartComponent() on the main thread? If yes, send me the crash log and I will see where it hangs.

Hi Arne,

It’s called on the GUI thread in response to a mouse-click. As it’s just blocking rather than crashing I don’t get a crash log, but I’ve attached the spin-dump (435.8 KB).

This doesn’t seem to happen in Wavelab.

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So it turns out that this was caused by a mutex in the audio thread, triggered by some code (in our plug-in) that is never supposed to be called on the audio thread.

Thanks to @Arne_Scheffler for helping to track this one down!