Occasional Problem Saving to a Different Partition

Hello all

Running Mac OS X El Capitan. Most of my documents folder is aliased to a folder on a different partition on the same drive, and my Dorico projects folder is the same way. Every so often when I hit ‘save’ I get the message ‘error saving file’. I can save the file to my startup partition (where the Dorico application is installed), and then move it over. Has anyone encountered this? This never happens with another program.

I’ve not heard of this being a problem before, no. Next time it happens, before you do anything else, please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

Will do. It’s sometimes weeks between occurrences, but I’ll send the report when it happens.
Thanks, Daniel!

Hey Daniel,

Just happened again. The report is attached.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (367 KB)

Thanks for attaching this. I’ve had a look through the log files and there’s nothing untoward in there I can see, so I’ll need to consult with the team next week to see what ideas they might have.