Octaves and chords

I’m currently transcribing a piece I wrote and I’ve run into a snag. I have no idea how to input octaves on one stave and I cannot find out how. It’s most likely somewhere in the user manual but I have yet to find it. On that note, how do I add multiple notes to one stave to form a chord? So far, I’m only able to have one note per stave.

Also, something else I can’t figure out. I’m trying to tie a dotted half note to a quarter note so I can more accurately notate a gliss that starts on the quarter note. Every time I try to tie the notes, it “auto corrects” to a whole note. I’m not sure how to get around this.

If you’re entering notes using the computer keyboard, the easiest way is to use chord mode or the intervals popover. I’m a big fan of the latter, but I know plenty of people use chord mode.

To force a duration to appear as written without Dorico combining note values, press O to turn on Force Duration before tying the notes together.

(The most up-to-date manual version of the add intervals popover is here - the webhelp design is more recent, and hopefully a bit easier to read. If you also go on to read other topics from that link, this manual contains a lot more information than v1!)

Oops, I keep forgetting that Google usually isn’t pulling up the most recent version…

Yep, that worked. Thanks!

Also, how do I go about telling the player to change to a different instrument in the score? During Setup, I added the other instrument onto the list for the performer, I just don’t know how to change instruments.

Switch to Galley View where you’ll see both staves belonging to the player. Put some notes into the other instrument. When you switch back to Page View you’ll see that Dorico has dealt with the instrument change automatically.

Alternatively, from Page View you can use Alt/Opt-N/M to move music from a stave to the stave above/below (sorry, I never remember which of M and N is up/down). Dorico will automatically sort the instrument change with this approach too.

Your other option is to disallow instrument changes in the full score whilst you’re writing, to show all the instrument staves. Once you’ve input the notes you need, you can then allow instrument changes again to reduce the number of staves shown.

Thanks Lillie! I totally have missed this feature, I did not know it was even possible. Well, I don’t think I will need this but still, good to know it’s there!


I remember “N” as in “North” will go “up” to the higher staff.

Hm, interesting. I’ll give these a try and see what happens. Thank you all for your help!