Odd Behavior With Copy/Paste in Audio Editor

This is something that just started happening today, at least I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

Basically, in the Audio Editor, I want to remove a section of the wave and replace it with a copied section. I create a 44ms gap by removing the bad section of wave (picture 1). I then copy a 40ms section of the wave adjacent to the gap (picture 2). I select a 40ms section of the gap (picture 3) and then paste the copied section. This results in a pasted wave section that is twice as large as the original (picture 4). Is this some weird bug, or am I doing something incorrectly? I’ve done this operation thousands of times with no problems, so I can’t think of anything I would be doing wrong. Any ideas?


This is definitely weird.

Do you use an Direct Offline Process on the Audio Event? Any ARA extension? I can see VariAudio is in use… anything more?

Martin -

In that particular instance, I used Silence to create the gap and VariAudio. The problem also occurs if I simply delete the bad section of the wave and replace it with Insert Silence in the Edit >Range menu. My workaround was to shrink it back down to size with VariAudio.

On further investigation, I also noticed that the size of the copied section doesn’t seem to correlate to the size of the pasted result- I tried to copy/paste a 20ms section and it pasted back at 147ms. But each instance seems to be consistent to itself- the 20ms copy always pastes back at 147ms, and the 40ms copy always pastes back at 84ms (with maybe a 1 or 2 ms variation).


The Insert Silence process really inserts the time. If you want to “mute” the range you can use for example Gain process and set it to -oo.

If you Copy + Paste, the Paste part inserts the time again. This is, how it is designed in Cubase. So you don’t overwrite the time. If you want to overwrite the range, cut the Audio event and paste it in the Project window, please.

So “Silence” as Direct Offline Processing is not a different process from “Insert Silence” in the Edit menu?


Yes, it is. The Process > Silence doesn’t insert a time. The Insert Silence inserts the time.

So then the issue with “Inserting Silence” is not the problem, as I was only processing “Silence,” not inserting it.