Odd Controller Info Showing Up When Exporting a Midi File


Hoping someone might help with this. I’m exporting a orchestral midi file out of Dorico and into Cubase. After importing into Cubase and looking at the MIDI list view, I’m seeing all kinds of controller information that was exported> I expected to see CC11 data in there, but there’s controller info for CC19, CC25, CC20, CC24, CC16, CC18 and more. Is there any way to remove this controller data before exporting into Cubase. I’ve attached a screenshot for further clarification.


Are you using NotePerformer in Dorico? (or some other Expression Map?) Dorico exports the keyswitches and controllers used by the current expression map. If you want a MIDI export without this extra data then the easiest way is to temporarily switch to the HSSE Elements Playback Template, which doesn’t contain any key switches.

Thank you so much - you nailed it. I am using Noteperformer and that is exactly what is happening. I’ll switch playback elements before exporting.

Thanks again!