Odd Cubase 10 Behaviour

Something odd is happening in Cubase with my VEP7 template. I have an iMac (2019) and a PC with Windows 10. Operating systems and Cubase are the latest.

Here is what happens. When I click on an articulation or any parameter change in Kontakt on the PC side nothing happens. When I click another track in Cubase the action I just performed takes place. If I play some notes on an instrument the notes don’t sound, but again if I click another track in Cubase the notes sound.

This is really odd and I’ve never had this problem. I opened up Logic Pro and VEP and this doesn’t happened so it has to be something in Cubase 10. I have no idea where to even start.

Thanks for any suggestions.



Could you be more precise, please?

What does it mean “on the PC side”? Is VEP7 hosted at your PC? So no Cubase there? What would you expect (instead of nothing happens)? “When you click another track in Cubase” do you mean on your Master Mac side?

I have an iMac running Cubase 10.5 and a PC running VEP7. On the PC side within VEP7, if I click on an articulation of an instrument it will not switch as it should. If I click off of the Cubase track (Mac side) - any track for that matter - the articulation will change to the one I clicked on. I know it’s kind of a bizarre problem and convoluted to explain. I did a quick video of what is happening. I think it will be clearer.


Thanks for the reply Martin. This is stopping me from doing anything so I’m forced to use Logic for the moment.



Thank you for the video, now I understand. So it seems, the GUI has been updated only if you click on or off the MIDI track.

Now the question is, if it’s on Cubase side or VEP side. I have to say, when the very same plug-in has been updated correctly within Cubase, I tent to say, it’s on VEP side. Now I have realised I have even read some GUI update issues with VEP (but again, it was related to Cubase, so I don’t know, where was it; and it was with the VEP server, not the host).

But anyway, try to double-check Cubase’s Preferences > VST > Plug-ins, please. By default all options are enabled here.

Just a question on this to the OP:

Are you having any issues with the GUI of the VE PRO plugin when you load it in Cubase?
I wondered because I have been having this issue and wonder if this is related…

What happens for me is:
-Load plugin
-Click to show plugin
-Instances area blank, but as I hover the mouse over the GUI and move it the instances area begins to show

Just wanted to see if this is related


Hi Shad0wLandsUK,

This is a known issue at some systems. The plug-in GUI is not updated correctly. Please make sure you have the very latest VEPro version installed.